[BERNAMA] Visit Kenyir Year 2021 targets one million tourist arrivals

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[BERNAMA] Visit Kenyir Year 2021 targets one million tourist arrivals


KUALA BERANG, Jan 1 — The Central Terengganu Development Authority (Ketengah) targets one million tourist arrivals for the Visit Kenyir Year 2021 which kicked off today.

Its chairman, Datuk Razali Idris, said they were confident that the target could be achieved following the massive promotional campaign currently being done through various media platforms.

“Initially, we only targeted 600,000 tourist arrivals, but seeing the response today, we believe that the one million-target is realistic and achievable if the infection curve of COVID-19 could be flattened later, if not sooner.

“Kenyir Lake has 340 islands and there are still many that have not been explored for the tourism industry. Therefore, Visit Kenyir Year 2021 is the best time for people to come and experience the unique holiday experience here,” he told reporters after distributing souvenirs to tourists at the Gawi junction at here today.

The first event that kicked off the Visit Kenyir Year was the ‘ASEAN Monsoon Casting Tournament’ which began yesterday and attracted 140 anglers nationwide with the concept of ‘catch and release’.

Razali said although the monsoon season was a bleak time for tourism activities in other areas and resort islands, it was instead a ‘golden time’ for Kenyir Lake as dozens of species of fish were easily waiting to be caught by the anglers at the lake.

“This is the advantage of Kenyir Lake because the monsoon season will turn it into a ‘paradise’ for anglers and give it a very positive impact. We were made to understand that even the boathouses were already fully booked throughout this month,” he said.

He said among other attractions at the man-made Kenyir Lake are its diversified ecosystems such as limestone caves (Bewah Cave and Taat Cave), waterfalls (Lasir and Saok) and the Gagau Hill at the National Park.

“Several sport-tourism activities are also being offered such as extreme motocross, four-wheel-drive and even cycling competitions for those who love physical challenges.

“Not forgetting the local community, many activities have also been lined up especially at the Kenyir Festival which will highlight the diversity of culture and traditional heritage of the people of Terengganu where, of course, local entrepreneurs will be given space to promote and sell their goods and services,” he said.

Meanwhile, Razali said Ketengah also hoped that the federal government could expedite the road-upgrading project at the lake for the convenience of tourists to explore Kenyir Lake.

”I was made to understand that there were two packages of the project, with the first from the East Coast Expressway 2 interchange to Kuala Jeneris and the second from Kuala Jeneris to Gawi junction.

“The land acquisition process for the first package has been completed and awaiting tender, while the details for the second package is still not available. We do hope that it could be expedited so that there will be no more complaints from the tourists,” he said, adding that the project would help in making Kenyir Lake one of the world’s popular tourist destinations.

Source : BERNAMA

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