• LogoThe basis of the logo is the stylised “K” as the first letter of KETENGAH. The logo gives a strong, cohesive and dynamic image symbolising KETENGAH as a strong agency that provides shelter to the people especially in the Ketengah region and Terengganu in general.
  • The shape of the building which forms a sharp peak represents physical development while implying that one of KETENGAH’s goal is to achieve rural development in line with the aspiration of establishing rural areas that are advanced, exciting and profitable.
  • The two curved lines symbolise balanced development between physical and human development. They also represent the impact of the movement which manifests in KETENGAH’s progress and its readiness to perform a paradigm shift to maximise the impact of development.
  • The red colour symbolises the solid determination and resolve of KETENGAH and its staff in carrying out the planned activities. The blue colour symbolises unity and KETENGAH’s emphasis on high productivity, prosperity and peace in its region.
  • The base of the logo is the word KETENGAH, the acronym for Central Terengganu Development Authority which has been widely known and used since 1976.
  • The new logo was launched in conjunction with the 2003 KETENGAH Quality Day celebration by Dato’ Idris Jusoh, former Chairman of KETENGAH, on 23 October 2003.