The objectives are based on the ten-year (2001-2010) KETENGAH Strategic Planning with the aims of:

  1. Producing at least 5,000 “Ketengah – MAN” or simply K-Man with an average monthly income of not less than RM2,000, a personal computer in every home, minimum education up to SPM, children pursuing studies at higher learning institutions, possessing a car and a commendable personality.
  2. Focusing on the development of entrepreneurs with the goal of increasing the income of every head of household to at least RM1,000.
  3. Making scenic areas in the KETENGAH Region such as the Kenyir Lake leading tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.
  4. Producing a KETENGAH community who are computer literate so that the knowledge gained can be applied in various fields of work.
  5. Creating opportunities for market-driven business in various fields including resource-based fields and services to produce entrepreneurs in the KETENGAH Region.
  6. Creating employment opportunities with the growth of small and medium industries (SMIs) and also heavy industries.
  7. Providing education and training facilities for the people to improve and equip them with the knowledge and skills to be more competitive.
  8. Continuing the provision of physical facilities to enhance the quality of life while creating entrepreneurs in construction and maintenance.
  9. Implementing a new approach for human development based on explicit goals to complement the programme to produce the K-Man.


  1. To promote, stimulate, facilitate and undertake economic and social development in central Terengganu.
  2. To promote, stimulate, facilitate and undertake the development of housing, agriculture, industries and trade in central Terengganu.
  3. To oversee and coordinate the activities stated above in central Terengganu.